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February 15, 2012

ITALY: Milan banking on senior citizens

KOLKATA, India / The Statesman / February 15, 2012

By Robin Scott-Elliot

AGE Shall Not Weary Them has long seemed the unofficial motto of Milan. It is an ethos put into effective practice at the club's sheltered training ground, Milanello, in the hills some 50 kilometres outside the city, where it would be no surprise to discover a grey-haired, grizzled portrait of Paolo Maldini hidden in the basement beneath the players' lounge.

Photograph: Ryan Pierse/Getty 

This is, though, a very different Milan from the heyday of Maldini, Franco Baresi et al when European titles and Scudettos were returned to San Siro with enough regularity to satisfy even Silvio Berlusconi's prodigious appetite. 

The European Cup has not been seen - at least on the Rossoneri side of the stadium - for five years, and while the Serie A crown was regained last season it was a first for seven years. Memories of elimination by English clubs at the last-16 stage in their last three Champions League campaigns hang heavy. To continue reading, click here.

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