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February 16, 2012

FRANCE: Necessary to push retirement age to 65, French feel

PARIS, France / /  Retirement / February 16, 2012

The French are worried about their retirement. The majority of them expect to see lower the amount of retirement pension and think that a further delay of the statutory retirement age is inevitable, if one believes a survey published by the Circle of Savers.

Only 19% of 1,005 respondents are confident in their future retirement. Six points lower than last year. It must be said that 63% fear a decline in the amount of their pensions in the coming years.
To cope, many people will save. Preferred product: life insurance. 51% say they put money in preparation for their old age.
Moreover, the idea of retirement at age 60 seems permanently buried. And that, whoever the winner of the presidential election. Only 29% believe that the left, if victorious, will restore the legal age to 60 for those who started working at age 18, yet a measure promised by Francois Hollande .
Nearly 60% of respondents thought it would be necessary even to raise the legal age of retirement from 62 to 65 by ten years. They were only 30% last year.
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