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March 15, 2013

Love is waiting to bloom in the silver years

MUMBAI, INDIA / EVENT / March 14th , 2013 

For the first time in India, live in relationship / companionship options, besides marriage; have been included in a unique match-making initiative for senior citizens, to be organized in Mumbai by the Rotary Club of Mumbai Nariman Point, in association with Silver Inning Foundation and Vina Mulya Amulya Sewa (VMAS). This is the ‘Senior Citizens Jeevan Saathi Samelan’, for the 50+ who are not married, divorced or widowed and seek the company of a soul mate. This Full day event will be held on 7th April 2013 at 10:00 am at the Dadar Matunga Cultural Centre, 122-A, J K Sawant Marg, Opp Bombay Glass Works, Mahim West, Next to Yashwant Natya Mandir ,  Mumbai 400 016, where senior citizens from across the country are expected to participate in large numbers. Entry is free and caste, creed, sex, location across the country, faith and community is no bar.

The UNFPA report attributes the demographic transition to declining fertility in the reproductive age group and increased longevity. UN projections suggest that India is “gradually but surely transitioning away from a young age structure with the elderly population soon outnumbering children in India”.

In the social scenario, where the joint families are breaking down, old people’s health, security issues and psychological issues have to be handled.

With nuclear families becoming the order of the day, senior citizens are often left to fend for themselves, even in times of need. Isolation, the feeling of rejection, gradually cause them to withdraw from active social lives; they retreat into their solitary cocoons, often falling into depression.   In lonely and depressing old age for those who are divorced or have lost their spouse and by taking up this initiative we hope to help elderly singles to find a suitable companion and enter into matrimony.

A major transition into old age occurs due to the loss of spouse that contributes to a feeling of increased insecurity among both men and women. The 2001 Census analysis shows that the differential in marital status by sex is more pronounced among the elderly. Among the elderly, 82 per cent of men and 47 per cent of women were still married. About half of all elderly women were widowed while only 15 per cent of elderly men were widowers. In more advanced age of 80 years and above, widowhood dominates the status for women with 71 per cent of women and only 29 per cent of men having lost their spouses. These differentials reflect the marriage and mortality patterns in which a majority of Indian men who survive to the age of 60 are still married state while more than half of the older women live without their spouse.

Not having a spouse in the older ages is a cause for concern for both men and women. Studies from other parts of the world have shown that those who are married have better health than those who are not, but this relationship is more apparent in the case of older men compared to older women (Goldman et. al., 1995; Bose and Gangrade, 1988). For Indian women who have lost their spouse, financial security poses a problem, since women generally do not own land or other assets and are dependent on their children, particularly sons. In fact, research on widows in India by Marty Chen (1998) and others indicates that there is a high level of poverty among women in India upon becoming widows.

Longer life expectancy gives many people the opportunity to form new relationships at advanced ages, and it makes sense emotionally to find someone to enjoy old age with. In many cases, it makes good financial sense to marry when you're older, but social security and tax laws discourage marrying after 60 for some individuals. Each person must balance cultural and religious beliefs with financial considerations to decide whether or not marrying after 60 is best for them.

“There is a difference between what men and women in their twilight years seek from a partnership,” says Natubhai Patel, 62, founder-chairman of VMAS and the brain behind the initiative. “For most men, companionship is the prime motive while for women financial security is the primary concern,” says Patel, who has successfully arranged more than 75 marriages and 25 live-in relationships through his pan-India venture since he established VMAS four years ago.

Sailesh Mishra founder president of Silver Inning Foundation Says ‘There is nothing wrong with a second marriage or remarriage after 60. The Elders should not feel guilty. This is one of the option / opportunity to bring happiness into their lives once again, by having a person to love and share a fulfilling life.  Companionship is the need of old age.

Rajiv Agarwal , president of Rotary Club of Mumbai Nariman Point say’s ‘‘ our club is supporting this programme as per our commitment for Elders and our major focus is to provide " companionship opportunities to the lonely elders , beside marriage " ’ . ‘The next generation is opening up to the idea, becoming more supportive of their elderly singles thinking of new companions in the silver years of their lives ' .

Lonely senior citizens in the city looking for companionship are now only a step away from finding a partner for the rest of their lives.

New Relationship & Love is waiting to bloom in the twilight years and we all need to support it with care and support.

This programme is supported by AISCCON, FESCOM, Mumbai; iVolunteers, iCONGO and 1298 Senior Citizens Helpline.

To attend the Sammelan prior registration is compulsory. Interested senior citizens from all over India may send
           Their biodata , Registration Form can be asked
           2 passport size photographs
           A copy of the death certificate of the spouse, or documentary proof of divorce, whichever is relevant can be bought at the day of event
           A valid copy ID proof can be bought at the time of event
by email to:

For more information call: Silver Inning Foundation 09987104233 / 09029000091 Email:
Or Natubhai Patel of Vina Mulya Amulya Sewa (VMAS)   09825185876

A good companion shortens the longest road ...........................


Press Release by Silver Inning Foundation 

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