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April 13, 2012

USA: Seniors simulating sexual acts sparks shock from consumers

LONDON, England / The Daily Mail / April 13, 2012

A shock tactic gone too far? New ad features senior citizens simulating sex positions to promote use of condoms

By Kristie Lau
Too much? An ad campaign showing senior citizens in a series of 
different sexual positions has sparked shock among consumers

An advertisement featuring senior citizens simulating sexual acts has sparked shock from consumers. The video campaign, released by U.S. organisation, is designed to promote safe sex through use of condoms following news that STDs among sexually-active seniors in Florida had risen by 71per cent over the past five years.

But many believe the group, while promoting a worthy cause, has taken shock tactics too far. The 30-second video, released on YouTube today, shows a group of elderly men and women mocking the performance of fellatio as well as other challenging sexual positions.

In one scene, a particularly strong man is holding a woman who is standing upside down on her elbows. Deadpan expressions are shown on their faces.

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