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April 18, 2012

USA: How Do Americans Spend Their First Day of Retirement?

WASHINGTON, DC / The Atlantic / Newsletters / April 18, 2012

10,000 Americans Retire Every Day. 
How do these people celebrate their first day of retirement?

Prudential asked hundreds of people across the country to photograph their first day of retirement. These photos capture a moment of transition in a life. And behind each of these photos, there’s a unique story and wisdom about the challenges of retirement.

Ann DeV'Unay--New York, NY--Day One of Retirement: 1/20/12

"For me, it was more or less getting closer to knowing that well, kiddo, in five years, in three years. Hello -- it’s today! The first day of your retirement! But, you don’t retire from life."

Dennis Lynch--Bronx, NY--Day One of Retirement: 1/19/12

"When I was young, my dad said to me, ‘Do what makes you happy. Don’t worry about money, because you only have one time around.’ And that’s basically the rule that I’ve gone with all my life. My dad retired on his 70th birthday, so I said, ‘Well, I’ll retire on the same day when I’m 70,’ and that’s today."

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