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February 6, 2012

MALAYSIA: Healthy life helps lifespan extend to 73 years

MIRI, Sarawak, Malaysia / Borneo Post / February 5, 2012

The lifespan of women nowadays has increased to an average of 76 years and 73 for men in the country. This was stated at an event here to mark the Chinese New Year.

All senior citizens deserve to enjoy themselves during their golden years by participating in healthy activities which they loved, said Assistant Minister of Communications Datuk Lee Kim Shin.

“Reserve some golden moments for yourself as you deserve to enjoy your golden years. After all, you have worked hard in your younger days,” he said at a Chinese New Year dinner hosted for about 80 senior citizens at Golden Restaurant here recently.

Lee congratulated Miri Riam Senior Citizens’ Club for successfully establishing a club as a place for its members to share and exchange their experiences in a healthy environment.

“Stay healthy always as health and happiness are inter-related.”

Lee noted that the lifespan of women nowadays had increased to an average of 76 years and 73 for men in the country. This, he said, was due to vastly improved technology and medical facilities. “The national public healthcare is also very cheap, starting from as little as RM1, thanks to the government’s efforts to extend these benefits to the people.” However, Lee said it was not wise to simply rely on the doctors to take care of their health.

“The best way is to continue to practise an active and healthy lifestyle by participating in healthy and active activities such as singing and dancing.”

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