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February 22, 2012

FRANCE: Age is in your head

PARIS, France / Seniorscopie / Marketing / Perceived Age / February 22, 2012

"Age is in your head," says Prof Françoise Forette

By Jean Yves Ruaux

Nobody feels old or younger at the same age, according to Françoise Forette. She is professor of internal medicine and geriatrics at the University of Paris V, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Hospital Broca (Paris), Director of NGF. "Age is in your head", the author of Revolution of Longevity (Editions Grasset)

How old were we? At what age do you feel old?
Nobody feels his chronological age in the same way. At the International Longevity Center, we did a great job to know at what age they felt old. Dominican Republic is 50 years for the French, at age 85. Unless one is sick, it does not feel his age. A friend of 80 years, now heavy with health problems, told me, I got into old age. I'm on a totally unknown continent.
However, we noticed an improvement in life expectancy in good health.
A study Scandinavian study, conducted over a long period, showed by following a cohort of people over decades as the same age, the physiological condition of People had changed. We noted differences in blood pressure, differences in cognitive functions. In sum, this objectified what we felt psychologically. What distinguishes it is the disease, not age because it is an age lived.
Drugs, creams, do they have a rejuvenating effect?
​​Already creams protect the skin of the greatest aging factor, ie the sun. People who treat their skin have a better appearance than others.
But the essential happens in the head.
Totally. This prevents foremost old is the professional activity, leisure physical activity. All this maintains cognitive function. What makes the most old is retired on TV. The activity and social engagement, the fight against isolation, are important, they slow down aging.
The maintenance of sex too.
Exact. But some couples are gradually replacing the by tenderness. There is a right to orgasm but not an obligation to orgasm.
Clint Eastwood?
It certainly continues his adult life as before. He has 82 years of civil status but he lives like someone 60 years. But men have no monopoly of today's attractiveness to old age. Few of the gentlemen that I know would stand Jane Fonda or Charlotte Rampling. Jane Fonda exudes beauty without denying her age. Get suckered mark and say this without indicating acceptance we give up living. Instead of being ashamed of being old, I keep myself in good condition. I accept getting older, but I am not resigned. I do not limit the resignation which was once the norm.
Can we imagine that we do even better to delay the effects of age?
The new innovative cosmetics. As we progress, the biology of aging benefits from advances. The progress we made ​​on stem cells show that we can probably consider the replacement of hip prostheses by a natural turnover of cartilage. But the important thing is that everyone is taken care of.Working longer is beneficial. This helps to preserve the welfare system, as well as the health of the individual.
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