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January 21, 2012

USA: How The Flamingos Work Out!

FORT WORTH, Texas / Star-Telegram / Health / January 20, 2012

Courtesy: The Flamingos
Name of group: The Flamingos

Type of workout: Stretching and balancing exercises based on the Faithfully Fit program.
Who's in the group: Senior citizens at University Christian Church in Fort Worth.
How often they meet: Monday, Wednesday and Friday; church members take turns leading the class.
Where the group meets: At the church.
What they do: The group uses elastic bands, weights and other tools when exercising to improve fitness and, most of all, balance. They call themselves the Flamingos because standing on one leg for a minute is part of their workout routine.
Why they do it: "We have lots of fun and laughter, and we are getting fit for life," said class regular Susan Smith of Fort Worth.
-- Jan Jarvis

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