January 9, 2012

Seniors World Chronicle's Fascinating Face of Aging. Jan 9, 2012

Tibetan woman with her prayer wheel is the essence of Lhasa. "Older Tibetans are almost always spinning a prayer wheel as they walk along chatting or, if walking alone, chanting "om mani padme hum. " I can only imaging what a story she could tell, going back to the days before 1950 when the Dalai Lama ruled Tibet as a feudal theocracy closed to foreigners. Now she lives side by side with satellite televison and American tourists," comments Curtis D. Mobley, scientist-adventurer from Bellevue, Washington, who spent a month in adventure travel in the region. Copyright © 2003-2005 Curtis D. Mobley. Visit  http://www.curtismobley.com/
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