Remember ME - You Me and Dementia

January 9, 2012

Seniors World Chronicle's Fascinating Face of Aging. Jan 9, 2012

Tibetan woman with her prayer wheel is the essence of Lhasa. "Older Tibetans are almost always spinning a prayer wheel as they walk along chatting or, if walking alone, chanting "om mani padme hum. " I can only imaging what a story she could tell, going back to the days before 1950 when the Dalai Lama ruled Tibet as a feudal theocracy closed to foreigners. Now she lives side by side with satellite televison and American tourists," comments Curtis D. Mobley, scientist-adventurer from Bellevue, Washington, who spent a month in adventure travel in the region. Copyright © 2003-2005 Curtis D. Mobley. Visit
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