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January 19, 2012

AUSTRALIA: Delay the aging process

WHYALLA, South Australia / Whyalla News / Senior Lifestyles / January 19, 2012

Delay the aging process

STRENGTH FOR LIFE: Nan Reid is one of many of the Strength For Life participants.
While many people are reluctant to accept the onset of "old age", there are ways to keep your body in tip top shape and help delay the aging process.

Whyalla Recreation and Leisure Centre offer Strength 4 Life, a group fitness program open to anyone aged over 50 to attend.

The program encourages over 50s to maintain their physical fitness and strength as well as teach them how they can continue to do so for years to come.

The government program cosponsored by the Council of the Aging, uses a formulation of weight training and aerobic work to help individuals maintain and build muscular strength to assist in everyday living tasks.

As people get older, it's important they maintain strength so they can continue to live an independent lifestyle.

Strength training can also improve bone density and balance as well as alleviate other health problems.

Program coordinator and personal trainer John Baker said anyone can join the class even if they are nervous about their fitness levels.

Beginners to the program are assessed for their work out limitations to help them follow a regime suitable to their individual needs.

"You can lose muscle strength but you can get it back again," Mr Baker said.

Currently the class has people of various ages over 50 and from different backgrounds, including some with knee and hip replacements and even osteoporosis.

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