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June 7, 2011

USA: Elderly Man Looks for Mystery Rail Road Rescuer

NEW YORK / NBC New York / News / June 7, 2011

By Greg Cergol

A hero comes to the rescue when a passenger gets trapped
in a Long Island Rail Road gap.

A 92-year-old man who was injured in a fall on the Long Island Rail Road on Sunday wants to say thank you to the mystery rescuer who helped him after he took the tumble onto the tracks.

The problem is, Ben Goldman doesn't know whom to thank.

"He saved him. He never thought of his own safety, and then he ran away," said Dorothy Goldman, Ben's wife of 65 years.

Dorothy Goldman screamed after watching her husband plunge through the "gap" as he exited the LIRR train in Great Neck.

The two were returning home from the ballet at Manhattan's Lincoln Center. Ben Goldman exited first, to extend a helping hand to his wife. That's when he fell to the tracks.

"I don't know if I looked down far enough," Ben Goldman said from his hospital bed at North Shore University hospital.

"He just disappeared like he was in quicksand," Dorothy Goldman added.

Immediately, Dorothy Goldman said, her husband's rescuer jumped to the tracks and lifted Ben Goldman to safety.

As first responders tended to Goldman, the man left without identifying himself.

"I would just like to say it was extraordinary and wonderful what you did for me," said Ben Goldman.

Goldman suffered a slight concussion and broken cheekbone among other bumps and bruises; he is expected to be released from the hospital by Wednesday.

As Goldman prepared to go home, he and his wife asked the unknown rescuer to come forward.

"This was a most unselfish thing, and caring," Dorothy Goldman said. "When someone saves your life, you owe them something, at least a thank you, right?"

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